Salsas ... So many to choose from ...

... but what really makes a salsa one that stands out from the rest?

A fresh, authentic salsa like Chef Eloy's 'Kickin' Salsas.

Full of wonderful flavors and always freshly made!

Chef Eloy prides himself in offering a product that is not only fresh but addicting too!

Put our product to the test with any other salsa and you will understand why Chef Eloy's customers keep coming back for more week after week!


Why Choose Chef Eloy's Salsa?

  1. All of our products are always made fresh before any show or farmers' market ... can the other salsa companies provide you that kind of freshness?

  2. We believe in supporting local agriculture by purchasing all products from fellow farmers' market vendors and growers from Loudoun County and Clarke County in Virginia.

  3. Our salsas are low in sodium and made with NO sugar or additives!
    All of our salsas must be kept refrigerated.

  4. We are a family owned business, meaning we do all the processing and selling ourselves! Chef Eloy, his wife Beatrice, and daughter Sandra Stickovitch sell directly to the public. No middleman is ever involved! Chef Eloy himself sells directly to the consumer at farmers' markets and shows (see our list of markets for days that you can personally meet Chef Eloy!)

  5. Over all, the taste and quality can't be beat!


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